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Spellcaster’s Bible 6 — 2 Comments

  1. Oh, boy. Remember enjoying all those Nexus settings from the original Global Village Grouch-era site — Slimetown, “Aristotle Goes East”, et al. So naturally I’m looking forward to perusing all these new (and apparently far more detailed) world descriptions. Congrats/thanks!

    Yeah, prrreeetty sure Kiss of Death would also return said elf to a pissed-off 1st Level MU (so much for that career at Puffin Books). But having hailed from gaming circles whose characters got resurrected with all the ceremony and frequency of ordering a Happy Meal, quite honestly I have to say that harsh tradeoff is rather appealing.

    And given the era, it’s to the writers’ eternal credit that they didn’t opt for Henning Pills, instead…

    • Sorry for not replying sooner, I am supposed to be notified the 3-4 times a year someone comments, but I either wasn’t or it got buried in spam, spam, spam, wonderful spam…

      Yeah, I’ve been obsessed with multidimensional settings for a long, long, time. If I ever have 3200 bucks to spare (hah) I can get back the rights to one that was never published but which I developed on company time.

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