023 The Oozing Sea

The Oozing Sea It heaves, lurches, and moves, almost like a living thing — which, perhaps, it is. Hundreds of miles across, ringed by craggy cliffs of black glass and dotted, here and there, by daggerlike islands, the Ooozing Sea Continue reading →

021 The Midnight Depths

The Midnight Depths There’s darkness. And then there’s something else, something that is to ordinary darkness as darkness is to light. This darkness is not merely the lack of light, but a force unto itself, light-devouring. It can be found Continue reading →

018 Nugraal’s Arena

Nugraal’s Arena Nugraal’s Arena is an unusual layer, in that it is not controlled, technically, by demons. Nugraal, often called Nugraal Paingaze or Nugraal of the Black Diamond, is a medusa death knight of tremendous power, who struck a bargain Continue reading →

016 The Overgrowth

The Overgrowth The third layer of Darkbriar, the realm of Zagralath, strongly resembles a typical chunk of the mortal realm. There are small forests, rolling hills, a meandering river or two, lakes, and plains… all covered with twisting brambles, briars, Continue reading →