014 Icethorn

Icethorn It cannot truly be called a "maze", for a maze implies a mere two dimensions. Like the rest of Darkbriar, Icethorn extends in every direction, plants with no roots and no surface, a sprawling labyrinth of needles to impale Continue reading →

012 Soulcrack Ravine

Soulcrack Ravine Beneath a bloated, cancerous, sun sprawls a baked and hostile land, an endless maze of twisting canyons, daggerlike rocks, and pools of stagnant, poisonous, water. Lost souls wander here in a futile search for shelter, herded and hunted by Continue reading →

011 The Jungle Of Gears

The Jungle Of Gears Many layers of the Abyss take some aspects of the form of jungles or forests from mortal realms, and don’t worry, we’ll be seeing a lot of them as this project wears on. This one, though, Continue reading →

006 The Nests

The Nests A twisting rocky canyon, a thousand miles or more long, framing a torrential river of poison. And scorpion-wasps. Did we mention the scorpion wasps?   share: Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on fark Continue reading →