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This is where Lizard (that’s me) posts about anything basically gaming related, including but not limited to massive amounts of free material for use with RPGs, mostly D&D 4e at the moment, but who knows where my next obsession will take me? The other main feature on the site is my slowly growing collection of detailed walkthroughs/reviews of products, with a slight bias towards older games and supplements, especially the wonderfully energetic stuff that emerged in the late 1970 for Dungeons & Dragons. There’s also a smattering of book reviews and rants.

Oh, and Earth Delta, my ever-growing interpretation of classic (that means Gamma World, 1st and 2nd edition) mutant roleplaying for modern (D&D 4e) rules. Combine it with WOTC’s Gamma World, or use it on its own, or take the ideas there and adapt them for Mutant Future — just have fun!

This used to be a Joomla based site and the links to it are now thoroughly broken; sorry about that.


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  1. Hello Mr. Lizard,

    I just wanted to give you a huge thank you for the wonderful review you gave to Star Rovers. I bought it when I was fourteen, and was blown away at the time by the incredible imagination and great artwork that helped constitute the game. I especially loved the posters showing the different historical eras and various incredible technologies. When your review covered it as excitedly and fondly as I remembered as a teen, it really warmed my heart to no end! : )

    I dearly hope the owner gives you permission to create supplements, and quite frankly, I think it is time for this classic rpg to get an overhaul and be released once again into the marketplace. I would be the first in line to buy it.

    I could not initially remember the name of this game or the publisher, and I had a very hard time trying to figure things out. But my own google search took me to you, about the same time people on rpg.net recalled what the game title was based on my old memories of it. lol And so finding your review was really the icing on the cake! It was so nice to realize my old memories were not simply of a second rate game that my old recollections had made far better than it deserved.

    If you attend the Feb 25-26th 2012 Vulcon gamers convention in Phoenix, Arizona, I would very much enjoy meeting you.


    Best wishes,

    John : )

  2. Hi! Glad for the feedback, and I almost didn’t see it because it was dumped into a spam folder by my ever-vigilant spam-watching-program, along with 16 other things that were genuine spam. I’m glad you enjoyed the article… any links to the RPG.net discussions you said led you here?

    Highly dubious I’ll be in Pheonix, though… sorry.

  3. Hello Mr Lizard,

    My name is Ben, and like some of the other people here I believe you to be the author of some very interesting articles.

    I have recently read one titled “Tabbles Organizes Your Files Your Way With “Tag Bubbles”.

    I work for a small software company based in London and I would absolutely love to talk to you further regarding Windows organisational tools. Particularly tools like Tabbles.

    On a personal note I’m a massive computer gamer and fantasy/Sci Fi fan! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Please get back to me if you can spare a moment to send an email.

    Kind regards,

  4. Mr. Lizard —

    I ran across a comment of yours on Popehat that I would love to use as an epigraph in an upcoming novel. Might I secure your permission? If so, who should I attribute it to?
    -Dan Sawyer

    • Consider permission granted. Before I tell you about the attribution, though, would you mind telling me which comment it was? I might or might not want it attributed to “Some Random Ranting Nutjob On The Internet”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hey Lizard, I was a fan years ago and rediscovered your site. Over the years, after reading the series you posted back then, I have tried over and over to find a copy of the Necromican, but just got incorrect books delivered every single time. Do you actually have a copy of it or did you review it off a loaner?

    • I have a copy I’ve been carting around since 10th grade, when it was new. On at least one of the review pages should be a link to Amazon which would get me a couple of pennies if you bought it through them. However, I’m guessing you’re the customer who gave the one star review for receiving the wrong book, so, maybe not so much. Try Troll & Toad, or some other specialist in exotic gaming supplies?

  6. In my quest for inspirations for writing pulpy sci-fi stories, I just read through your GURPS Solar Patrol. Love how you set up the system (and history, and design, and ethics). I just had a short story accepted for publication firmly rooted in the same retro-futurist atompunk genre (inspired by Tom Corbett’s trip to T-rex infested Venus.) and there was a lot of creepy overlap with your Solar Patrol. I’m thinking that universe actually exists just a few dimensions over, and we both tapped into it – – but the brain squids in my story came from one of Saturn’s moons. Can’t get everything right. I’d love to send it to you. Email me if you’re interested.

  7. I would like to thank you for several truly enjoyable, laugh-out-loud evenings of reading. I regret that I can’t share your site with anyone for the simple reason that almost no one who didn’t game in the 70s will truly appreciate all of the jokes.

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