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Updated 2/8/2011

Earth Delta is Lizard’s take on post-apocalyptic mutant roleplaying (ala Gamma World), done with the Dungeons & Dragons 4e ruleset. Yes, I know Wizards of the Coast has one. Earth Delta differs from Gamma World 4e in the following ways:

  • It’s not finished yet, but when it is, it will cover levels 1-30 and be completely compatible with 4e.
  • It allows for all the gonzo you could want (dude, the mascot is a flying grizzly bear with laser eyes!), but it doesn’t assume the game has to be a wacky beer-and-pretzels time filler for when someone can’t make it for your D&D game. You can run the game straight or silly or anywhere in between. I give you the tools; you decide what to build.
  • No collectible cards.
  • Old School Attitude. A lot like porn, you will know it when you see it.

Get the files!

Core Rules Book, Version 1e (uploaded 2/8/2011).

Mutant Manual, Version 1e (uploaded 12/26/2010).

Important Update Note

Earth Delta is, by my measure, some 60-70 percent complete. The new classes have powers to level 30 and two paragon paths each. There’s a full set of monsters for levels 1-14 or so. The mutation and equipment lists are at least moderately filled out for Heroic and most of Paragon tier. As formatted, the two books top 450 pages and over 210,000 words. I’ve been working on this for a year now (my oldest draft was created on 2/12/2010), and I need a semi-break. So, not dead, not even in hibernation, but I am going to start using my fairly limited “free” time for other projects, very possibly my “OSRIC in Spaaaaaace” concept. I am still, frankly, overflowing with ideas for Earth Delta — monsters, mutations, items, settings — but I also need to work on something different for a bit, esp. with my Sunday game going from World of Darkness to 4e.

Most likely, I’ll actually be posting more Earth Delta content here, because every time I get an idea for an item, mutation, etc, I’ll just put it here, instead of saving it for a “release” (it will also go in the constantly expanding core books, of course!).

Because I’ve promised many times not to let this drift off into that nether realm of “Updating soon…”, if I go six months without doing anything on Earth Delta, I will formally declare it comatose and unlikely to garner my attention in the reasonable future. I doubt it will come to that — I’ve got too many ideas for it — but I like to set rules, terms, and conditions.

For now, please enjoy what’s there, and check here regularly… really, I mean it, that’s my intent — at least once a week or so, something new and cool — for updates and new material.


Earth Delta — 9 Comments

  1. Just came across your “Earth Delta” work via your signature.

    Great stuff sofar, I’m really liking what I’ve read (though I’ve just scratched the surface [reading it while at work]).

    I own all the Wizards of the Coast new Gamma World stuff and really like it (well maybe it’s a bit to gonzo for me but still) but wanted to do something like what you’ve done with the 4E rules (and the Saga Edition rules of d20). Anywhoo your stuff looks so good I won’t need to do anything.

    Looking forward to reading through both books and digesting all this great content.

    On a side note, if your a Post Apoc RPG fan, and an Indie-small press fan, you may want to check out the recently released “The Mutant Epoch” rpg. Some great artwork in that one as well.

    Who did the artwork in your Earth Delta line? I may have missed it but I don’t think I saw the Illustrators name listed.

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  3. This is looking really slick…..let me know if you need anymore artwork…..would volunteer art for a nice printed edition of both books when/if they come out….. love the existing art has a nice pro feel to it….. With the forthcoming D&D next sucking so far, would like to continue using fourth rules set….Earth Delta looks fun and inventive. The Gammaworld stuff is fun too, but limited… keep me posted with all updates….

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  5. Just when I think the community around GammaWorld has faded away! I’m once again heartened to see another enthusiast pick up the torch and carry it! I know it can be an all-consuming passion or sometimes a mind-numbing slog.
    I’ve been there done that myself so I can appreciate what you’re attempting! Thank you for your efforts Sir Lizard! I look forward to a finished project (if there ever is such a thing?)!

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