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The Nests

A twisting rocky canyon, a thousand miles or more long, framing a torrential river of poison. And scorpion-wasps. Did we mention the scorpion wasps?



Some the planes of the Abyss seem almost normal, in a sense — a mix of environments and terrains seemingly ripped from a mortal world, then corrupted. Others, such as the The Web Of Eyes, bear no relation to any place a sane man might imagine. The plane known simply as "The Nests" is somewhat aberrant, here, in that while the form of a river canyon is well known, this is canyon through nowhere and nothing — it bisects no other land. Beyond the rim is the Elemental Chaos.

The canyon ranges from one to ten miles in depth, and stretches, twists, and turns for a lengh of roughly one thousand miles, though exact measurements are difficult and it seems to add and lose terrain at random. The river below is a fragment of Dralika, the Abyssal Torrent; in this realm, it is a river of hideous poison. (See below for poison effects.)


Lining each wall of the canyon, in great numbers, are the nests which give the level its name. Each nest is immense, and home to a particular family of scorpion-wasps; each family hates all the others in the canyon, and the air is filled with a constant buzzing of battle. The scorpion-wasps are, individually, of low intelligence, but some of the leaders are extremely cunning. Though the canyon has few resources, each hive will work with other demons to aquire weapons, armor, ritual scrolls, and other tools with which to exterminate their enemies. There is no reason, motive, or purpose for the war; the hives neither have nor need any excuse to hate each other.

The nests themselves are composed of a concrete-like spittle made from burrowing into the rock of the canyon and mixing it with the poisonous water of the river. They are filled with numerous chambers, such as hatcheries, storehouses, and feeding halls, as well as traps to prey on any who enter uninvited. The utility of the wasps as mercenaries is enough to cause some to risk their hostility and come here to deal with them. As mercenaries, they are very difficult to control, so they are often simply pointed in the direction of an enemy and left to their own devices. More disciplined troops can follow in their wake.

Others come here seeking the river’s poison; the scorpion-wasps do not like anyone "stealing" their water, and will set aside their eternal warring long enough to destroy poachers.


The endless droning of the wasps and the roar of the poisoned river fills the canyon. It is only possible to hear normal conversation if you are adjacent to the speaker; otherwise, all Perception checks are at -5. Anyone who takes an Extended Rest in the canyon will only be able to regain one healing surge due to the difficulty in resting.


Nestriver Water: Level 20 Poison

Water taken from that portion of the Dralika which runs through the Nests.

Poison 32,250 gp

Attack: +22 vs. Fortitude; 10 ongoing and dazed (save ends both)

First Failed Save: The target is stunned instead of dazed (save ends)

Second Failed Save: The target is unconscious instead of stunned (save ends)

Third Failed Save: The target is dead. Save doesn’t end.

Special: This poison has no effect on creatures with the Demon keyword. Outside the Abyss, it decomposes rapidly; a DC 30 Arcana or Nature check is required each week to maintain it. Failing the check by more than 10 indicates the character has exposed himself to the poison with full effect. A normal failure means the poison has simply lost all potency.




Imagine, if you will, an eight-legged, man-sized, wasp, bearing a scorpions tail, and colored in a pattern of red and black. Then imagine there are dozens of them and they all hate you, personally.


Scorpion Wasp Soldier

Scorpion Wasp Soldier Level 20 Minion
Medium Elemental Magical Beast (Demon) XP 700
Initiative +16 Senses Perception +16
HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minion.
AC 35; Fortitude 32, Reflex 34, Will 30
Immune Disease, Poison; Resist 10 Fire, Cold; Vulnerable 10 Radiant
Speed 6; Fly 10
M Bite (Standard)
+23 vs. AC; 10 damage
Swarming Attack
Scorpion Wasp Soldiers add 1 to their attack roll and 2 to their damage for each other soldier adjacent to their target.
m Sacrifice Sting (Standard) ♦ Poison
+25 vs. AC; 5 damage, and ongoing 10 poison (Save Ends). Using this power kills the Scorpion Wasp Soldier, whether the attack hits or misses.
Alignment Chaotic Evil Languages
Skills Acrobatics
Str 21 (+15) Dex 26 (+18) Wis 22 (+16)
Con 24 (+17) Int 2 (+6) Cha 12 (+11)

Scorpion Wasp Soldier Lore

A character knows the following information with a successful Arcana check.

DC 20: The Scorpion Wasp Soldier is a mindless demonic pest; it can do little but overwhelm a foew with sheer numbers.

DC 25: In a group, Scorpion Wasp Soldiers are surprisingly effective. They can also use a deadly sting attack at the cost of their own lives, which they do gladly.

DC 30: The radiant might of the gods burns and blisters these nightmares; pure elemental forces of flame and frost do little against them.


Commanders greatly resemble their lesser kin in both appearance and attitude, but they are more mobile, far more intelligent, and do not perish if they choose to sting you, which they will. Often.

Scorpion Wasp Commander Level 21 Skirmisher (Leader)
Medium Elemental Magical Beast (Demon) XP 3,200
Initiative +18 Senses Perception +16
HP 199; Bloodied 99
AC 36; Fortitude 33, Reflex 35, Will 31
Immune Poison, Disease; Resist Fire 10, Cold 10; Vulnerable Radiant 10
Speed 6; Fly 10
M Tearing Bite (Standard; at-will)
+27 vs. AC; 3d6+8, and target is at -2 to all attacks until the end of its next turn.
m Flyby Attack (Standard; recharge 456)
The Scorpion Wasp Commander may make a full move. It does not provoke opportunity attacks from leaving threatened squares. At any point along this move, it may use its Tearing Bite power on an adjacent target,
Coordinated Strike (Standard; recharge 56)
The Scorpion Wasp Commander selects an enemy within 10 squares. Any Scorpion Wasp Soldiers adjacent to that enemy immediately make a basic attack.
m Lethal Sting (Standard; encounter) ♦ Poison
+27 vs. AC; 4d10+7 and secondary attack, +25 vs. Fortitude, ongoing 10 poison and immobilized (save ends both). Aftereffect: Target is slowed (save ends)
Alignment Chaotic Evil Languages Abyssal
Skills Acrobatics, Intimidate
Str 21 (+15) Dex 26 (+18) Wis 23 (+16)
Con 21 (+15) Int 17 (+13) Cha 17 (+13)

Scorpion Wasp Commander Lore

A character knows the following information with a successful Arcana check.

DC 25: Scorpion Wasp Commanders are the leaders of the soldiers; they have little power in the hive but delight in destroying foes. They are more than willing to send their troops to die.

DC 30: In addition to being a mobile combatant, a Scorpion Wasp Commander can overcome the natural chaos of his troops to have them focus their ire on a single victim to devastating effect.

DC 35: Commanders are vulnerable to radiant damage, but resist heat and cold. Neither poison nor disease can harm them.


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