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  1. Warning, this response is a little long…
    Very cool series. In high school, when the Planes of Chaos boxed set came out for planescape, I spent a lot of time staring at that list of Abyssal layers and wondering what they’d be like (we never really got to a high enough level to explore them though).
    I wasn’t so sure about walrus demons, but dude, you have totally changed my mind! I really love that the mechanics of its attacks fit perfectly with how I would imagine these attacks playing out (i.e. you get pinned down with a barbed harpoon; you make your save, pull it out and start bleeding). I also dig the icebreak, overrun, and leaping strike – very appropriate and very ‘walrusey’. The only thing I’d change is the aura – I’d make it a flat 10 cold and acid, instead of separating the types out (it’s harder to resist this way).
    The chessboard dragon is an excellent long term villain (plus you’ve got to love the black and white idiosyncrasy). Again, great suite of powers, and the chess theme (arrange the pawns, knock over the board), just begs for some cool magneto-esque one liners during combat. I only have two nitpicks. The recharge number is missing from the breath weapon, and I’d up to aura to 30 damage and get rid of the bit with the bloody creatures – running Nuzabarath is pretty complex already and I know I’d probably forget that little bit.
    Anyway, just my opinion, but a great pair of monsters.

    • Thanks for the comments. BTW, I like long comments — I like any comments, really, my only “pay” for doing this is the vague hope I’m being entertaining/informative.

      You’re probably correct on the auras; combining damage types helps reinforce the idea of “frozen acid”, not “This is my ice attack, this is my acid attack”.

      The recharge being left out I partially blame on Monster Builder; it’s a known bug, but since it’s known, I ought to have been more careful. In my defense, I repeat the motto of any of the “Breakfast Crunch” articles (granted, I didn’t tag this one with that, darn):”Designed in the morning while I eat breakfast before going to work, with all the care, quality, and error checking that implies.”.

      Some other changes: Nuzabarath’s attacks vs. AC should be +30, and the Walrus Demons overrun attack should be +27 vs. Fortitude. I’ll probably edit and repost… eventually.

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