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Booty And The Beasts, Part III — 5 Comments

  1. I was watching the usual nothing on TV when I looked over at my laptop and said aloud, “Gas bag neck people. I will Google ‘gas bag neck people’ and see what I find.” Now, to be clear this was not a random stream of words that came at me from the cosmos. I am 43 2/3 yrs old and I do remember ‘Booty and the Beast’ with the rather ‘drippy’ art of Erol Otus. And I haven’t read all you have written here yet, but after reading what you wrote about the Dragons and specifically the female/color/dragon piece, I felt I was reading something I had just written, before losing the prior 3 hours of memory. You are perhaps more articulate and almost certainly shave more often. Low testosterone, I’m guessing. Not because of the recent adverts on TV. No, this has been something I’d wondered about since… Well, anywizzle, I’m looking forward to reading more. I have a website, but nothing’s written there yet, so I included my YouTube channel instead (You might be interested in my ‘Extinctus Amabitur Idem’ Playlists …maybe).

  2. Odd, I didn’t see WordPress in your URL for this blog, so I didn’t sign in before commenting. But then I clicked “register” and it took me to the WordPress sign on. So I tried to sign on and it wouldn’t accept my password. So, I then clicked on my shortcut that takes me to my WordPress page and not only was I automatically signed it (as per my settings), but I changed the password to ensure that I had the right one. But then the new one wouldn’t work either. I went to me email to see if they needed a confirmation after the password change, but there was nothing sent from WordPress (they’re usually quick about those).

    Well, I provided the WordPress url for my blog. If there is a way to invite me to yours, I would appreciate it if you would be willing to toss me the safety line.

    Btw, in the 7th grade I created a small anthropomorphic lizard character for a “not quite as serious” session of D&D that I named “Drazil Mleh.” I came up with the name in Art class — once I said the name aloud my best friend and I couldn’t stop laughing (again, 7th grade). I still have the original “character sheet” for him (on standard lined binder paper with a nice little sketch too).

    Boy am I ever feeling nostalgic. Just last night I downloaded “The Sword and the Sorcerer” (will be watching it in a moment) and have been listening to Blue Oyster Cult lately — and some Rush, but I associate them more with Gamma World (a la Red Barchetta, & Temple of Syrinx). Hm. Maybe I’ll be watching Wizards next. not sure folks today can enjoy “The Sword and the Sorcerer,” since the great-looking Lord of the Rings films anyway. Not because of anything more than how they look — I’m not gonna get into my opinion of them in general… Except to say, they have their place as much as Family Guy Star Wars parodies have theirs. I really like the parodies, but they are cartoon comedy versions of Star Wars films, which one would not watch if they want to see the real Star Wars. The LotR films are just as cartoon-like. Their version of Aragorn is as much like the book version as Family Guy’s version of the Emperor is to the original Star Wars films. I’m just sayin’… Man, I’m saying a lot for someone that was done with his comment 20 minutes ago.

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