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Post Apocalyptic Mutant Adventuring using the D&D 4e rules engine, without collectible cards! Earth Delta takes the attitude and energy of early Gamma World, and fuses it with a more modern rules system, to create a game which can be as serious or as gonzo, as silly or as grim, as you like it. Currently in active development, with heroic tier playable, paragon tier sketchy, and epic tier… yeah, well, we’ll get to that.

Prairie Lobsters

Prairie Lobsters

Since semi-regular updates of this site are generally considered a sign of the apocalypse, it is only fitting that I continue with more snippets from my apocalyptic RPG, Earth Delta, which is intended for use with Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition, and damn straight that awkward phrasing is there mostly to get google to be aware this site sort of exists.

Since a major chunk of “completing paragon tier” is “finishing the monster list”, that’s where I’ve been putting a lot of my attention. I’d been contemplating some sort of mutant lobster for a while, and then, suddenly, the phrase “prairie lobster” popped into my head, and I rolled with it.

Some design notes: Mostly, these are intended as “baseline” critters — the kind of bog-standard things you need at various levels to fill niches. Exotically powered and specialized monsters are way cool, but if everything is an insane pile of custom one-off mechanics, the game becomes unplayable. At the same time, I want to try to make them feel right for their nature and not be trivial reskins of any other creature. So the prairie lobster doesn’t mark, per se; it grabs you, and if you stop struggling against it for an instant (to attack something else), it gives you a little extra pinch. Its ability to grab and hold two targets, coupled with its size and reach, lets it do a lot to make enemies choose to take it down first.

The riding lobster was actually where my mind first started; I just had this image of a cowboy type, rolling a cigarette as the sun set in the west, while his armored and clawed mount plodded along. The yunguns are there because you can always use some more minions, and I like “ecologies”, where different creatures in the same category can have roles that make a kind of sense, even if what we’re discussing is horse-sized lobsters that have decided to live like buffalo. It’s not how ridiculous your premise is that matters; it’s how you play out the consequences. I also like the image of swarms of lobsters, about the size of large dogs, bounding playfully around the prairies, tearing random passers-by to pieces with their claws.

You will note I resisted the urge to give them Vulnerability 10 butter.

(As with a lot of this “Preview” stuff, this is hot off the presses, literally created only a few minutes before posting, and may be even more typo-riddled and unbalanced than my usual stuff, to the extent that’s even possible.)

It’s my hope that I’ll post a PDF addendum to this article, that will have the critters more properly formatted; for now, you’ll need to make do with what WordPress does to Word.



Lobsters are tough and ill-tempered critters, while also being notably delicious. Their giant fighting claws make them naturally threatening, especially when increased dramatically in size and given the ability to confront man more directly, whether in the ruined cities that line the coastal regions, or wandering the great plains… hey, man, this game has flying grizzly bears with laser eyes. You can deal with prairie lobsters.

Prairie Lobsters

Much like the hoppertank, prairie lobsters are oversized arthropods who have undergone dramatic transformations in lifestyle. They are found in many of the fertile grassy plains of the world, especially the Purple Plains and the Ghostgrass Expanses. They are primarily omnivorous grazers, devouring many types of grass and the insects and other creatures that live on them, but they can and will eat larger prey if they catch it. They are especially good at rooting out smaller burrowing animals, and if a herd moves into cultivated land, it can be devastating if they are not driven off. They compete with hoppertanks for many of the same feeding grounds, and if the hoppertanks’ greater mobility fails them, they will be torn apart and devoured with gusto.

Some prairie lobsters have been captured young and trained as mounts; see “Mounts”.

Prairie Lobster Adult

Prairie Lobster Adult

Level 15 Soldier

Large natural beast (mutant, arthropod)

XP 1,200

HP 148; Bloodied 74AC 32; Fortitude 28; Reflex 27; Will 24Speed 5Resist 10 cold

Initiative +12

Perception +10

Low-Light Vision

Standard Actions
m Pincers • At-Will
Requirements: Must have less than two targets grabbed.
Attack: Reach 2; +20 vs. AC
Hit: 3d8 + 7 damage.
Grabbing Pincers • At-Will
Requirements: Must have less than 2 targets grabbed.
Attack: Reach 2; +20 vs. AC
Hit: 3d8 + 7 damage, and target is grabbed until escape or until the lobster lets them go. The prairie lobster can grab up to two targets. While grabbed, if the target makes an attack that does not include the prairie lobster, it takes 10 points of damage as an immediate interrupt.
M Squeeze • At-Will
Attack: (Make a separate attack against each grabbed target.); +19 vs. Fortitude
Hit: 2d8 + 7 damage, and ongoing 5 damage (save ends). If the target is already taking ongoing damage from this attack, it increases to ongoing 10 damage (save ends).
Triggered Actions
M Fury of Clacks • Encounter
Trigger: When first bloodied.
Effect (Immediate Reaction): The prairie lobster adult makes a pincer attack against all non-prairie lobsters in range (Reach 2). It will drop anyone it has grabbed prior to doing so as part of this action.
Skills Endurance +17
Str 26 (+15) Dex 17 (+10) Wis 17 (+10)
Con 20 (+12) Int 1 (+2) Cha 14 (+9)
Alignment unaligned     Languages

Adult prairie lobsters (it is nigh-impossible for anyone who isn’t an expert to tell male from female, and no one cares too much) travel the plains in herds of ten to twenty, usually surrounded by a small cloud of leaping, clattering “yunguns” whom they will try to protect from predators. Prairie lobsters are quite aggressive towards all other species, and will snap and make threatening displays at any creature that gets too close; if this does not work, a few of them will dash forward from the herd to dispatch the enemy. When badly injured, they tend to go mad, lashing out at everything in sight that isn’t a prairie lobster.

Prairie Lobster Yungun

Prairie Lobster Yunguns

Level 14 Minion Skirmisher

Small natural beast (mutant, arthropod)

XP 250

HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minionAC 31; Fortitude 26; Reflex 31; Will 22Speed 8

Initiative +17

Perception +9

Low-Light Vision

Group Attack
If a yungun has damaged the target this round, the pincer attack does +2 damage.
Standard Actions
m Pincers • At-Will
Attack: +19 vs. AC
Hit: 9 damage and see “Group Attack”.
Free Actions
Skittersnap • Encounter
Effect: The prairie lobster yungun may shift 2 squares after making a pincer attack.
Skills Acrobatics +20
Str 17 (+10) Dex 26 (+15) Wis 14 (+9)
Con 20 (+12) Int 1 (+2) Cha 14 (+9)
Alignment unaligned     Languages

Yunguns (no one is quite sure of the derivation of the word; some scholars feel it comes from the language of the Eastern Dragons, who, it is said, had great influence on the Merkan lands) are immature prairie lobsters, and usually travel with the herds, protected by their elders. Active, curious, and playful, they often explore in small groups, bounding and leaping across the amethyst waves of grain that cover much of the Central Merkan Plains. Their shells are remarkably hard, and an unwary traveler who finds himself surrounded may be torn to bloody gobbets by their claws. They are also extremely tasty when grilled over a fire, so everyone from wastelanders to armies of the Beast Legions on the march eagerly hunt them if they have wandered too far from their protective pack.

Riding Lobster

Riding Lobster

Level 14 Soldier

Large natural beast (mutant, arthropod, mount)

XP 1,000

HP 140; Bloodied 70AC 30; Fortitude 26; Reflex 26; Will 23Speed 7Resist  cold

Initiative +12

Perception +10

Low-Light Vision

Scary Mount
When mounted by a trained rider of 14th level or higher, the riding lobster grants a +2 to Intimidate checks made by that rider.
Standard Actions
m Pincers • At-Will
Attack: Reach 2; +19 vs. AC
Hit: 3d8 + 6 damage.
Hold ’em, Boy! (mount) • At-Will
Requirements: Must not be grabbing a creature.
Attack: Reach 2; +19 vs. AC
Hit: 3d8 + 7 damage, and target is grabbed until escape or until the lobster lets them go. The grabbed target grants combat advantage to a rider of 14th level or higher mounted on the Riding Lobster.
M Squeeze • At-Will
Attack: (One grabbed target.); +17 vs. Fortitude
Hit: 2d8 + 6 damage, and ongoing 5 damage (save ends). If the target is already taking ongoing damage from this attack, it increases to ongoing 10 damage (save ends).
Skills Endurance +17
Str 26 (+15) Dex 17 (+10) Wis 17 (+10)
Con 20 (+12) Int 2 (+3) Cha 14 (+9)
Alignment unaligned     Languages

Riding lobsters are prairie lobsters trained from hatching to serve as mounts. They are fed a special diet that makes them slightly smaller and much faster than their kin, at the cost of shrinking one of their claws to virtual uselessness. While most range in color from dark green to olive green, a few scholars have found that feeding selected plants to them while young can change this coloration, producing brightly colored individuals who can be very distinctive. Some bloodger knights are known to have them bred in colors matching their personal heraldry, as have some Beast Legion commanders.

Riding lobsters almost never have additional mutations.

Common Mutations

Hypnotic Shell: Some prairie lobster adults have shells which ripple in coruscating colors. This unusual effect increases in speed and intensity when the prairie lobster is in combat, and it can be hard to look away. So… pretty…. It gains the following attack.

Minor Actions
C Hypnotic Shell (charm) • Recharge 6
Attack: (All non-prairie lobsters in burst.); +4 vs. Will
Hit: Target grants combat advantage to all enemies (save ends). While this condition persists, the prairie lobster can slide one affected target one square as a free action on the start of its turn. .

Venomclaw: A few prairie lobsters have evolved poison sacks in their claws. When they squeeze a target, they also inject a poison that causes partial paralysis, making it especially difficult to escape the beast’s claws or to flee far if they do.

When a target is hit by the prairie lobster’s squeeze attack, it is slowed and suffers a -4 to Athletics and Acrobatics checks (save ends both). This is a poison effect. This is a different saving throw than the ongoing damage.



Yet Another Earth Delta Update

Once more, a smallish update to Earth Delta (Lizard’s take on post-apocalyptic mutant gaming for Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition), very possibly the start of longer and more regular updates. This comes, oddly, just as I’m starting to really get into my design for Stellar Warriors, having come up with a really cool (I think) mechanic for the Medic class and a nice start on “Force” (name changed in the actual text for obvious reasons) powers.  I am simply tired of leaving things unfinished, and I am going to try to really complete ED, at least up to 20th level in terms of monsters, paragon paths, mutations, items, etc. This segment is more of a “filling in the gaps” bit, adding a new mutant animal type — Boars –and a few more Heritage Mutations. In the actual PDF, they’ll be nicely formatted, etc, but here, I’m just pasting them from Word and losing all the styles. (Eventually, I will learn enough CSS to get things to look good on this damn blog. It astounds me how few (that is to day, no) blog editors there are that will generate CSS in a WYSIWYG format while you type. A few have partial functionality, but I want things like spacing between paragraphs, borders, and so on.)


Boars are powerful, vicious, creatures renowned for ferocity and stubbornness, as well as great big tusks and questionable hygiene. Very often, they are portrayed as crude, belching, beer (or whatever fermented beverage exists in the post-apocalyptic ruins) swilling lechers, or, if you will, male chauvinist pigs. While this portrayal has appeal, and no one who chooses to play a boaroid should be faulted for wanting to indulge in it, these are not the only traits boaroids possess. For example, many also have a fondness for motorcycles. Whether indulging in their stereotypical crudity or not, they are larger-than-life creatures whose presence can be very commanding.

Boaroid Racial Traits

Average Height: 5′ 6″ to 7′

Average Weight: 160-300 lbs

Ability Scores: +2 Constitution, +2 Strength or Charisma

Size: Medium

Speed: 6 squares

Vision: Normal

Languages: Common, Growl (Languages are listed on page 350.)

Skills: +2 racial bonus Intimidate (from Terrifying Demeanor), +2 racial bonus to Endurance (from Efficient Lungs)

Defenses: -1 Will (from Weak Minded)

Heritage Mutations: Efficient Lungs, Terrifying Visage, Large Fangs, Weak Minded, Double Heart

Other Mutations: You have 2 points to spend on beneficial heritage mutations. You may acquire a negative heritage mutation for additional points.

Boar’s Tenacity: When you are reduced to fewer than 0 hit points, you do not just go quietly into that good night. First, you do not fall prone as part of being reduced to 0 hit points, though you are dazed. Second, on your next turn, you may take one standard action before falling prone. From this point on, you follow the normal rules for dying. Lastly, you add your Constitution modifier to your death saves.

New Heritage Mutations

Alluring Scent (Utility)

Benefit: You emit a scent, subsonic noise, or psychic call that calms and attracts animals. You gain a +2 bonus to all Charisma based skills against creatures with an intelligence of 2 or less, and a +4 bonus on Nature checks when foraging for food.

Cost: 1

Cyberpath (Utility)

Benefit: You have a special affinity for self-aware machines (perhaps you are one, perhaps not). This may be an electromagnetic aura, an odd form of telepathy, or unusual senses. You gain a +2 to all Charisma based skills when used on creatures with the Android, Cyborg, and/or Robot keywords, and a +2 bonus to Technology checks when dealing with robots, cybernetic, etc, devices.

Cost: 1

Flexible Features (Utility)

Benefit: You can alter your appearance. While you can’t change your basic size or type (usually humanoid), you can significantly change the details. You can look like any humanoid of your size, and gain a +5 racial bonus to Bluff checks to resist attempts to penetrate this disguise. Looking like a specific individual is more difficult; you gain only a +2 racial bonus. Changing features is a minor action. You gain no additional powers or abilities by changing shape.

(Some may note this is pretty much identical to the morph power that’s part of the Polymorphic Bloodline; if you have this mutation and choose that bloodline, you get some useful enhancements to your shapechanging. )

Cost: 1

Two New Mutations

Like I said, Earth Delta is resting, not dead. But it stirs in its sleep to bring you two new mutations for the Hands slot. Drag in your foes with Grappling Tendrils, or burrow like a mole with Digging Claws!
Download here: Hand Mutations

Otters And Barnakills

Still learning to juggle new job and old responsibilities, so updates here are even less regular than usual, and they’re[1] usually less regular than a ninety year old man with an all beef-and-cheese diet! Ha!

As you can see, though, the quality of the writing is unchanged.

In any event, I would like to present two new additions to Earth Delta: Another mutant animal race, the otter, and a common hazard in watery areas, such as partially submerged coastal cities: The barnakill! (Yes, I grossly overuse the “kill” pun. No, I don’t care.)


Here’s the PDF link:


And here’s the cut-and-pasted version, less clean looking, but what can you do?


Otters are amphibious mammals which were known even before the Cataclysm for their intelligence, manual dexterity, and hatred of the United Atheist League and the United Atheist Alliance. Humanoid mutant otters have formed many communities along riverbanks throughout the regions where their ancestors lived, and some of their tunnel-cities are rumored to run for miles along the shoreline, with no evidence beyond the few external watchtowers and guardposts that they maintain. In the more semi-civilized regions of the world, they are often either guardians of river trade, or well-organized predators upon it.

Otteroid Racial Traits

Average Height: 7′ to 8′

Average Weight: 250-400 lbs

Ability Scores: +2 Charisma, +2 Dexterity or Intelligence

Size: Small

Speed: 6 squares (8 squares when swimming)

Vision: Low-Light (from Night Eyes mutation)

Languages: Common, Growl (Languages are listed on page 350.)

Skills: +2 racial bonus to Acrobatics (from Perfect Balance), +2 racial bonus to Thievery (from Elongated Fingers), +4 racial bonus on Athletics checks for swimming.

Defenses: +1 racial bonus to Reflex defense (from Accelerated Reactions)

Heritage Mutations: Accelerated Reactions, Elongated Fingers, Night Eyes, Perfect Balance, Small

Other Mutations: You have 2 points to spend on beneficial heritage mutations. You may acquire a negative heritage mutation for additional points.

Belly Slide: You may move across difficult terrain which is described as slick or slippery (such as frictionless surfaces, grease pools, and patches of ice) without paying an extra movement cost per square. However, you are prone throughout this movement and remain prone until you stand normally.

Otter Traits: Otteroids may pick one of the following abilities:

Otterly Adorable: Whenever you make a Diplomacy check, you may roll twice and use either result.

Otterly Sneaky: Whenever you make a Stealth check, you may roll twice and use either result.


Barnakills are an unfortunately common hazard in coastal regions, especially those with many sunken buildings or ruins. Unlike their ancestors, they can spread to areas of drier land, so long as there is a high level of moisture in the air and occasional flooding. Sapient races that live in such regions can sometimes learn to “harvest” barnakills, or to direct their growth for defensive purposes. (Mutant dolphins have learned to do this underwater, aiding their guardian forces, or, in other words, for defensive porpoises. Hah! (You know, like the one about transporting mynahs across staid lions for immortal porpoises?)

Yeah, OK, the content. Got it.


Barnakills are an unfortunately common hazard in coastal regions, especially those with many sunken buildings or ruins. Unlike their ancestors, they can spread to areas of drier land, so long as there is a high level of moisture in the air and occasional flooding. Sapient races that live in such regions can sometimes learn to “harvest” barnakills, or to direct their growth for defensive purposes. (Mutant dolphins have learned to do this underwater, aiding their guardian forces, or, in other words, for defensive porpoises. Hah! (You know, like the one about transporting mynahs across staid lions for immortal porpoises?)

When a creature enters a patch of barnakills, they erupt, sending off larvae which clamber onto the intruder and then sink in, drawing out the elements they need to form their protective shells. If given even a few seconds, they can virtually paralyze their target. Even if someone leaves the main patch, it can be a while before all of them can be scraped off, and, while any exist, they will feed on their host and spread. This does provide the slight benefit of a hard shell, but the pain is hardly worth it.

Barnakill Level 8 Hazard
Terrain XP: 350
Detect Perception DC 16 Initiative
HP 30 per square
AC 20; Fortitude 22
Immune Psychic, Fear, Charm, Forced Movement, Radiant, Disease, Poison, all conditions
Vulnerable 5 Fire
Triggered Actions
Attack At-Will
Trigger: A creature enters the square
Attack (No Action): Melee 1 (Triggering Creature): +11 vs. Fortitude
Hit: 2d6+4 damage and immobilized (save ends). First failed save: Restrained (save ends). Aftereffect: Gain +2 AC and take ongoing 5 damage (save ends both).


[1]The hilarious bit is that I needed to edit this from “their” right after I posted it, and a lot of my new job is catching just such mistakes in other people’s writing.

A Case Of The Crabs

As proof of my promise that Earth Delta was not dead, just slowing down, I present another racial option — Crabmen . (Click to download the PDF)

Rango As Post Apocalyptic Setting

So, the spousal unit and I just returned from Rango, a film where I greatly suspect a huge chunk of the script consisted of “Let Johnny Depp do something for 45 seconds, then go to next line.” While, obviously, I have great sympathy for any film in which the hero is reptilian and prone to fits of storytelling, I was generally very impressed overall by the humor, the animation, the amazing level of detail and texturing in the world, the voice acting, and the constant little nods to classic westerns and other films. As I watched it, though, it occurred to me that with very few changes, it could be a Gamma World or similar style post-apocalypse movie.



This article will discuss the film in significant detail and reveal many Cool Bits you might not want to see revealed. Be warned!

Heck, let’s just insert us a lil’ ol’ “Read More” kind of line, OK?

Continue reading

Earth Delta Update!

Yes, those long awaited (by, what, two of you?) words! Earth Delta Beta 1e is now up on the main Earth Delta page. This offers a smegload of new material, mostly for Paragon tier, as compared to Beta 1c, which was posted in October. (And a reminder, all creatures are now in the Mutant Manual). It also represents, not an ending, but a momentary break — Earth Delta has been my sole “big project” for a year now, and I need to work on something else. I am still overflowing with ideas for ED, and I’m likely to post more of them here directly (and put them in the book, of course), so there will be a constant flow (I hope) of new monsters, feats, tech items, mutations, etc, along with a more public creation process for my next Big Whatever, which is looking more and more like Stellar Battles.

I’d also like to re-iterate that if anyone has posted legitimate comments and not seen them approved within 24 hours, it means my spam filter is being overzealous and to please repost them and/or email me directly.

A Waist Of Time

As belabored many times before, my time to work on Earth Delta is limited. Even so, I find a few minutes here and there, and one of the things that needs serious beefing up is the tech item lists. (I am, basically, writing my own full-length Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, and Adventurer’s Vault, a task which is as Sisyphean as it is quixotic and I wonder what tomorrow’s word on my calendar will be.) I managed to get a few waist items done (hence the title of this post — see what I did there? Aren’t I just so clever?). In one of those rare moments of inspiration (“You should have thought of that six months ago, moron!”) it occurred to me that a new type of waist item that fits the Earth Delta milieu (thank you, Earnest Gary Gygax, for you have done more for my vocabulary than all the pedantic pedagogues in the world) would be the holster. (It also occurred to me that I could write a Western RPG called “Holsters And Holsteins”, but I’m going to let that idea drop for a while…)

So I present to you the first holster item for Earth Delta. As usual, this is a first pass/unedited draft. Even so, it went through a lot of changes as I tried to balance “is this a sensible power given the special effects” with “is this a useful power” and “would a player want this in place of a different waist slot item”. As it is, I’m highly tempted to drop the charging property and give it to another holster that would have other, charging-related, powers.

Mag Holster Level 9+

From hip to hand in the blink of an eye…

Lvl 9 4,200 gp
Lvl 14 21,000 gp
Lvl 19 105, 000 gp

The mag holster resembles a small chrome disk, with a number of blinking lights and small controls. When a gun is placed next to it, the gun is held fast until the user wants it.

This holster can hold any one-handed tech gun.

Property: If you attach a full UPC to the weapon stored in this holster during a short or extended rest, the first shot from the weapon does not drain a charge from the UPC. This increases to 2 shots with the level 19 version.

Property: You can sheathe a one-handed gun as a free action, fastening it to the mag holster. You can then later retrieve it normally as a minor action.

Property: Anyone attempting a Thievery check to remove the gun from the holster suffers a -4 penalty to their roll.

Power(Encounter): When you draw a gun from this holster for the first time in an encounter, if the next action you take is an attack action using that gun, you gain a +1 item bonus to the first attack roll you make. This increases to a +2 item bonus for the 14th level holster. If using the 19th level holster, all targets of the attack grant combat advantage to you.

Latest Earth Delta Update

Work continues! Playtesting two nights ago showed me I need a lot more tech items, and I might want to make personal mutations have breakpoints for upgrades (where plausible) at 5 level, not 10 level, increments. Regardless, I’m going to post “what I’ve got” this Saturday, because it’s just been too long between updates.

I Aten’t Dead (And Actual Content)

Just busy. Lots of active and ongoing projects, any by ‘active’, I mean, ‘I am working on them’, not ‘I am thinking of them’. Unfortunately, not much time to post… somehow, the article style I’ve evolved for this site is long and involved. It will take 60-90 minutes to do the next bit of my Chivalry & Sorcery walkthrough, for example, and I thought I’d have that today, but I don’t. I’ve got a 60,000 word professional writing project to finish by the end of January, I really want to post the next pass at Earth Delta, and I’m working on some fiction of a highly dubious nature in what spare time I have after that, along with a full time job and a freelance job that consumes a good number of hours. This isn’t meant to be a whine (though I can see it’s coming off like that), I just hate blogs/sites that go silent for months at a time or which get a “Busy. Be back later.” message with no more explanation than that.

Still, there’s got to be something I can give all both of my faithful readers…

Still in-progress, I present the Visionary paragon path from Earth Delta!


Whoa… colors.

Prerequisite: Scholar class

Visionaries are specialists in using hallucinogenic and sense-distorting drugs, chemicals, and extracts to confuse enemies. Due to extensive experimentation (for purely professional purposes, of course) with such chemicals, they are also skilled personally at sorting the real from the false.

Visionary Class Features

Keen Senses (11th Level)

You gain a +2 power bonus to all active Perception checks. You may ignore partial concealment on all creatures within 1+Wisdom modifier squares.

Visionary Action (11th Level)

When you spend an action point to make a close or area attack, one of the creatures hit by the attack (your choice) is also dazed until the end of your next turn.

Lingering Effects (16th Level)

If a creature successfully saves against a “save ends” effect you used against him on the first saving throw it rolls, it grants combat advantage until the start of its next turn.

Visionary Gadgets

Visions Of War And Peace Visionary Attack 11

The cloud of mixed chemicals and drugs has random, but useful, effects on those it envelops.

Encounter                         Illusion, Implement, Poison, Psychic, Technology

Standard Action              Area burst 2 within 10

Targets: All enemies in burst.

Attack: Wisdom vs. Will

Hit: 2d10+Wisdom modifier psychic damage. If the damage roll was even, targets are filled with visions of enemies attacking them until the end of your next turn. So long as the vision persists, they are at -2 to all defenses, are limited to at-will powers, and must include the nearest creature to them (ally or enemy) in all attacks. If the damage roll was odd, the targets see calming and pleasant visions until the end of your next turn. So long as these visions persist, targets are at -2 to all attacks and are weakened, and they cannot take attack actions if they begin the turn with no enemies adjacent to them.

Delusional Might Visionary Utility 12

It is said that you can accomplish anything if you don’t know you can’t.

Encounter                         Charm, Implement, Technology

Standard Action              Melee touch

Target: One ally in range.

Effect: Even when the target misses, he believes he has hit. Any power that triggers on a hit and which benefits the target takes effect, such as gaining temporary hit points on a hit, or being able to shift 1 after a hit. No effects are triggered on the target(s) of the attack or on any other creatures. If the attack normally has a miss effect, this occurs, but the attack is considered a hit for purposes of other powers. This lasts until the end of the encounter or until the target is reduced to 0 hit points.

Pursuing Terrors Visionary Attack 20

The ultimate bad trip, and usually a fatal one.

Daily                                Poison, Psychic, Implement, Technology

Standard Action              Close burst 3

Target: One enemy in burst.

Attack: Wisdom vs. Will.

Hit: 3d10+Wisdom modifier damage, and the target creature is hounded and harassed by hideous visions (save ends). So long as the effect persists, the target takes 10 psychic damage at the start of its turn, and you can choose to shape  the vision as a free action, choosing one of the following effects:

  • Menacing Vision: You may slide the creature up to 2 squares.
  • Confounding Vision: All enemies have partial concealment from the creature.
  • Constricting Vision: The creature is immobilized.
  • Realistic Vision: The creature’s next save against this power is at -2.

Miss: Half damage, and the visions last until the end of your next turn.