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  1. The pyrefly is a good, solid artillery monster with great imagery (the bloated abdomen, shooting beams out of its stinger, spraying enemies with radioactive goo when it’s punctured). I like the mutation and the sunglasses protecting characters from its blinding aura is a nice touch too.

    I think you are being too hard on the pyreflye blightburn (why does everyone pick on the horribly mutated, atomic, life-stealing, monsters?). There’s some real gold there, but I understand your uncomfortableness with it being a controller (although I think it works). If you wanted to make it less of a controller you could get rid of burning blightspit, replace it with a movement related attack, and it could be a solo skirmisher.
    If you do change it you’ve got to keep the way pyrelash recharges blighted burst – it’s a very interesting mechanic and I love the way it sort of self-corrects for the creature in combat (if its rolling well, it isn’t going to burst often, but a string of bad luck will give it an extra shot with a more powerful weapon to even things out). Blightfeeding is also great, and as the signature of the blight creatures it obviously has to stay as well.

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