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  1. This would make a nice encounter with those tar creatures you posted earlier. The reduction in AC is a great touch and adds a little bit more presence to extended rests (it reminds the players that their characters are doing stuff during this time – i.e. repairing their armor and maintaining their weapons).l

    I agree about the balance between player creativity and explicit rules. As a DM I like it when everyone at the table agrees about the basics of the game (I hate arguing about what a spell can and cannot do, or how a class feature affects the game) and I don’t have to come up with rules adjudications every few minutes. That said, I also love it when my players surprise me and I need the rules to be flexible enough so that they don’t stand in the way of a clever plan. Helping another player out of a terrain hazard is one of those things that comes up again and again with my players – It’s nice to see you covered that base with this.

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