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  1. I really like this monster. Having the wastespawn get lit on fire is cool and will be fun for players, but I love that the monster can coat you in oil and cause you to be lit on fire (as well as spreading out underneath everyone and burning them alive). It’s the kind of thing that takes it from “ohhh, that makes sense”, to “holy crap that’s awesome”. I’m totally going to use this in my Gamma World campaign (just need to tweak the level for my players).
    You’ve got to make more wastespawn – the possibilities are endless. You could give one swirling, hypnotic colours like the monster from the Stephen King story the Raft, a really scary version of Madame Garbage Heap served by ratmen minions, or a gigantic smog monster a la Hedorah from the Godzilla series.

    • Glad you liked it! I have in mind a kind of animated pile of rusted and corroded metal for the inevitable brute role, but I like the idea of the trash heap and its attendants… makes a good solo or elite.

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