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Stellar Warriors Update — 2 Comments

  1. Cool, early 40k influence is always great. I never played, but the early imagery and fluff had me buying White Dwarf and Rogue Trader minis anyway. Just take a look on ebay and you’ll see the demand for squat minis is still crazily high (so much so that independent mini companies are making their own versions of them now).

    The critical system sounds sweet, especially if there’s a different table for the different weapon types. You could have some real crazy fun there – punching laser holes in people and reducing them to piles of radioactive ash.

    I’ve never really liked level limits as a balancer (the downside is usually avoided by retiring the character or getting everyone to start again), but that’s just me.

  2. Hence my ambivalence on racial level limits. They’re a poor balancer, because they tend to be ignored if the game lasts long enough for them to come into effect, and if the game DOESN’T last that long, they don’t balance at all — kind of like getting the GURPS “Short Lifespan” disad for a game at a convention that will only cover a few hours of in-game time. 🙂

    What they do accomplish is helping to make races more distinct and to make racial choice more meaningful, as well as adding some more implied flavor to the world. I’m still juggling a lot of ideas in my head on this, but it might work well just as boolean — a race can be a member of a given class, or not. No level limits. Another idea is an XP penalty: No level limits, no class limits, but if you’re of a race not physically or mentally suited to a class (Wookie Ninja!), you suffer an XP hit.

    Of course, sticking with rules I know are broken, but which were common design elements anyway during the era I’m focusing on, is part of the fun. 🙂 Finding that balance point between “quirky” and “unplayable” is always tricky.

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