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  1. “psychics suddenly had more performance problems than a teenage nerd at his first Dragoncon”


    Warning: Do not read the official novels. They are not bad enough to be entertaining, just bad enough to be bad.

  2. Heck d10x was fine. The setting was afternoon rkiddie catoon without the depth and character development of say thundercats or mi heman. If played up for camp value it might have been fine. In the end it just didn’t work well.

  3. Yes, White Wolf were the undisputed kings of making up new names for old concepts – remember the gnosis stat? Still, it sold me – I thought that was pretty bad ass when I was in high school.

    CYBORG COMMANDO (forever in all-caps now) is one of those games I’ve heard about (as Gygax’s greatest failure), but never actually seen. I’m really curious to see where this goes (I’m not sure what I find more strange, the d10x mechanic or that this game had official novels).

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