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  1. I’m sure I’m not the only one with the Lizard site bookmarked who has been missing the usual witty game reviews, game opinions, etc.

    “…and I’ve been active on some of the 5e boards over at WOTC, telling them what they’re doing wrong.”

    Step away from the WotC boards, slowly, hands in the air!

    I hit the ENWorld 5e Next thread, bookmarked, only and then disappear into the ether quickly there after. I won’t answer WotC’s common sense polls, debate, hype, etc., until the public playtest comes out.

    I love the idea of D&D 5e, really, really like the idea, but something smells fishy.


  2. I really like artillery that transforms into something else. It keeps the players on their toes and adds an interesting wrinkle to most cut and dried strategies to dealing with artillery.

    Rolling doubles on damage to trigger an effect is very cool – one I’m definitely going to have to steal for one of my own critters.

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