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The Runes Of Doom, Part IV — 6 Comments

  1. From Nevile Stocken, designer of Star Rovers, and sculptor of many of the Arduin miniatures:
    ” I remember the conversations that Dave and I had, relative to Arduin and Star Rovers. The standing Phraint (sculpted by my erstwhile apprentice and colleague Stephen Lortz) and the Vroat (shown in the drawing attacking the Phraint) – sculpted at rest by myself – were both done for the Arduin line of miniatures, as was the Deodanth (again, my sculpt), which Dave himself told me was, in fact, derived from the Jack Vance story. The Hurraku, which was a walking space-faring Phraint with space gear and a BFG, was my mod to the original standing Phraint, and was done to tie Star Rovers, which Dave was assisting and mentoring me on, to the Arduin mythos. I had previously sculpted a lizardman with halberd, so I transferred him to the Arduin line of figs in our catalogue as a Saurig, in order to beef up the royalty payments to Dave for the Arduin line. I also paid him royalties for the Hurraku, since Dave had originated both the Phraint concept, and the concept of the Hurraku, but we placed the Hurraku in Star Rovers, since the plan had been to do several more Hurraku in various poses for the game, and make them thus a significant pro(an)tagonist in it. The Hurraku were supposed to be black, also.”

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  3. “I got your Fantasy Fucking Vietnam right here, pal…”

    Kind of makes you wonder why World of Synnibarr gets such a bad rap, huh?

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