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Necromican, Level 10 And Up! — 4 Comments

  1. Well done, thanks for writing this, it made me laugh. One of our favorite RPG books (along with Booty and the Beasts and of course Arduin) from back in the day! Personal Energy Attack was standard for all mages.

    Odd thing is I never noticed until you mentioned it that the title is NecromicAn with an A! And I’ve owned it for over 30 years! Even have a PDF I scanned that is named Necromicon.pdf! Doh!

    Another one you may or may not be aware of is The Spellcaster’s Bible. This one went up to 15th level and actually does have rules for spellpoints!

    • I dimly recall hearing or seeing the Spellcaster’s Bible at some point, but I don’t think I own a copy. I’ll have to look for it when/if I ever finish the Arduin walkthrough.

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