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The Runes Of Doom, Part V — 1 Comment

  1. Sorry…I just can’t seem to help myself from commenting on some of these…

    The change to cures wouldn’t be as “breaking” as you describe if the letter of the law…er spell…was given as a hard limit. For example, if a light wound spell could not heal a character that had suffered more than 25% damage, or a grievous wound cure was required for a character that had lost 50-75%.

    Course that actually might go the other way (of hurting PCs…especially low level ones who don’t have access to higher level cure spells). *sigh* The Holy Grail of balancing game mechanics is an endless quest…

    [it’s amazing how many of these ideas I’ve come to in my own attempts at “original” design…yes, I know your rant about ideas; I feel similarly…and have discarded. The HP changes here are very similar to a system I was working on a few months back]

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