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Welcome To Skull Tower, Part V — 3 Comments

  1. And here I thought “Dr. Voorhees” was a joke about the Friday the 13th character…

    If the example encounter was typical of Dave’s games (a magically armored, vorpal armed medusa against a four-man party), I’d be surprised at anyone making it to 50th level…though I suppose a PC didn’t lose CON points for resurrection back in the pre-AD&D days. I did laugh at the 225xp for such an encounter (split four ways!), but I’m sure the treasure take would make up the difference.
    ; )

    There are quite a few examples of NPC monsters using magic weapons and armor in the 1st and 2nd edition (AD&D) adventure modules (they are, of course, littered through Gygax’s D-series, but I distinctly recall ogres in +5 chain mail as a regular encounter in Return to White Plume Mountain).

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