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Arduin Grimoire, Part XV — 9 Comments

  1. I’ll point out that Night Demons don’t DRAIN levels they BLAST levels. IIRC the difference is that drained levels can be restored and blasted levels can only be regained though gaining experience again.

    • And absolutely right you are! Thank you for calling my attention to it. I kind of blorped over the level blast/drain rules when they came up (http://mrlizard.com/reviews-and-walkthroughs/arduin-grimoire-part-x/), and now, I go back to re-read them, and it’s plain as day. Drained life levels recover one per month of absolute rest, while “blasted” life levels require XP or a wish. (p. 38)

      There is so much stuff hidden in the maze of twisty little paragraphs in these books, I keep finding new things… there’s a very real kind of magic (or magik) here.

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  4. The best inclusion of DEX scores in this edition of AG may be due to the release of the Holmes basic set (a “precursor” to AD&D that wasn’t) in which initiative was determined by DEX order. The 1st printing of the B2 module includes DEX stats for common monsters as well. This is the only edition of D&D to use that system.

    • Holmes is essentially using the Perrin Conventions, a set of supplemental D&D rules popular on the West Coast for filling out some gaps in OD&D (of which there were many). There wasn’t a formal initiative system in OD&D.

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