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All The Worlds Monster’s Volume 3, Part IV — 4 Comments

  1. And I guess that’s why they call them the Broos,
    Goatkin with horns, and of all different hues,
    Spreading diseases,
    Raping the cattle,
    Loathsome in peacetime,
    Dreadful in battle,
    And I guess that’s why they call them the Broos.

  2. Dunno. In hindsight, recycling monster corpses actually seemed like an interesting idea/missed opportunity for D&D back then. Plus, it would have fit in nicely with the ’70’s fixation for Important Ecological Concerns, ubiquitous to the point that you had to settle for lame educational terrariums sitting at the bottom of the cereal box instead of actual fun toys, and… uh…

    Never mind. Gelatinous Cubes are juuuust fine, thankyouverymuch.

    And I’ll ALWAYS remember that shared “oh crap” moment between me and other players when we peeked at Deities and Demigods’ stats in the bookstore. That reaction SHOULD have reflected well on our DM… but six months later and we’re decorating our local tavern walls with multiple demon prince heads. (Juiblex was a particularly tricky job for the taxidermist.)

    • Great, now I want to write up rules for taxidermy in excruciating detail, because that’s what I do.

      PS: Major props for spelling “Juiblex” correctly. I keep writing “Jubilex”.

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