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A Brief Digression: PrinceCon 3 — 7 Comments

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  2. Mr. Lizard:

    Just found your blog this morning, and have been wasting my entire day reading it. Thanks (asshole).
    ; )

    You are a funny, funny human…I say that about anyone who makes me laugh out loud while reading their blog. But funny as it is, this is really great stuff…and fantastic that you’ve taken the time to post it. I have more to say, but I don’t want to write it all on this single comment…plus I’ve got a lot more of your archives to catch up on.

    But I *did* want to say this PrinceCon stuff is fascinating, and not only for the personal sniping taking place in the hand-typed Con rules (this stupid system is for YOU, Howard…). In all honesty, it makes me want to organize some sort of event like this…though that’s probably just romanticizing the wild and wooly past to an insufferable degree.

    Thanks…very enjoyable reading, very important history lessons for pretentious “Old School” types.
    : )

    • Always happy to do my part to destroy productivity. Feel free to pass the blessing of wasted time along to your friends. 🙂

  3. Princecon is still running and on it’s 42nd year. We converted to 5ed this year after several decades of homebrew in order to be more welcoming to new players. The con is running March 17-19th in Princeton University. We would love to have you all come out and experience the unique shared world we create.


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