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Shield of Fearsome Mien

Shield Of Fearsome Mien Ah, thank you, Mr. Gygax, for the massive expansion to my vocabulary. It is not entirely known who first crafted the shield of fearsome mien. There are references to items of this nature dating back a … Continue reading

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D&D 5e: Hit Points

Another in my highly irregular series of “crap I wrote on WOTC’s board that I’m reposting here in order to pretend I have content”. OK, first of all, you need to read this, which is Mike Mearls’ take on hit … Continue reading

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Ah, disease. One of the hallmarks of the medieval world, and, in a fantasy world, you can have all sorts of nasty plagues and poxes. This article contains an assortment of (I hope) imaginative and interesting infections with which to … Continue reading

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