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Boredom In Pathfinder — 2 Comments

  1. I think that the resources expended modifiers should be generalized out to relative risk/importance of the thing being waited for, and their modifiers bumped accordingly. People should be much more patient waiting to ambush Thraxus the Bandit King as a result of a previous adventure driving him down this road during this rainstorm than standing watch in general. Standing watch in your inn room just in case the whole place is a wererat front is a lot harder than doing so in the abandoned building in which someone’s written “Bewere of the werera…” in their own blood.

    But really, I think this set of rules is less to be engaged with and more to shape the party’s actions in a dramatically interesting way. Now you’re just adding “Crochet needles for the barbarian” to the list of items like chalk dust, 10-foot poles, and climbing pitons to the set of random and interesting gear a party should bring down or be prepared to improvise.

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