Booty And The Beasts — The Complete Epic Saga

In honor of finally getting content (mostly) moved over, themes set, plugins plugged, and all of that, I am posting a link to the “complete” Booty and the Beasts review/walkthrough — all eight inconsistently named parts!

Creatures Of the Land — Fungus Men, Neutronium Golems, Living Hills, and more!

Creatures Of the Sea — Sonic Fish, Deadly Diatoms, Neptunians, and more!

Creatures of the Air (and Space): — Galactic Dragon!!!! (And more, but, really, the Galactic Dragon is all you need.)

Demons: Queen Of Lust. And some others. But mostly, the Queen of Lust.

Parasites: Spine Crabs, Macrosites, Womb Lice, and, yeah, more!

Robots: Drillbots and Dredbots… and more!

Magical Booty: Gumbos, gumbos, gumbos. And the Wand of the Marrow Squid. And more!

Tech Booty:Lasers, Masers, and the Multi-Eye People of Algol IV. And more!

And as a special bonus… the first part of my review/walkthrough of the Necromican, the companion volume of spells!

Necromican Levels 1-3

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11 Responses to Booty And The Beasts — The Complete Epic Saga

  1. Dude, that is the craziest sh-t I’ve ever seen! I immediately tracked down a pdf copy of booty and I’ve got to say, while most of the stuff in it is as unplayable as other old-school ‘unofficial products’ the art sets it head and shoulders above the rest. Great walkthrough, this thing’s a classic.
    (… ‘unplayable’ in my games at least but completely inspiring – if I’ve ever got writer’s block all I need to do now is take a look at the galactic dragon).

  2. John Dilley says:

    Hi Victor,
    I have been looking for a downloadable copy of Booty & The Beasts for some time now. I have an original copy, but can’t find the little bugger. Where did you find the downloadable copy?

  3. Brent says:

    Yes, where did you track down the pdf copy. I’d love to peruse it myself.

    ufoundbrent at yahoo dot com

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  6. Dave says:

    Somehow I stumbled on this series of reviews, and I’ve relished every installment. You’ve combined genuinely funny jokes with some keen insights. I’d nearly forgotten the crazy, powerful characters that floated from table to table back in the early days, and the lengths DMs would go to crush them. Your love of these products shines through. While I wait for the next installment of the Necromican series, I’ll be poking around your site looking for more treasures.

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