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Hoard Contraction — 7 Comments

  1. I can see why it would be attractive from a player’s point of view, but isn’t the whole point of having bulk low value coins lying about to make it difficult for the players to haul all their loot out of the dungeon? By contrast, if the spell scaled only down instead of up that seems more interesting to me. It could lead to all kinds of clever and interesting uses, and has a built-in cost – the players will find it hard to recover the treasure they use in the spell.

  2. Actually, Horde Contraction is the spell that lets you take a dozen orcs and combine them into one ogre. The spell you have should be called Hoard Contraction.

    @Yeoman, it’s part of the arms race between people that want to to keep their treasure and people who want to steal it.

    • Oh for bloody frakking… sigh. Wow. That’s what I get for just dashing something off without proofing. Thank you for catching that. That’s embarrassing. It has been edited. Again: Sigh. Really, really, careless on my part.

      I do like the idea for turning five orcs into one ogre, though. A good evil wizard (erm… you know what I mean…) might research it.

  3. I happens to the best of us. Sadly, spell check doesn’t find homophones. 🙂

    Hmm… I just thought of an interesting fight. The party comes across a giant. As they hurt it, it gets smaller and goblins pop out of the wounds. That would certainly get the players wondering.

    And I know a few player groups that would want to learn the spell just so they could get all the party members together to form Voltron.

  4. This is a great utility spell – it deals with something that comes up again and again in my games (either because I’m rolling for treasure randomly, or because I’m using a published adventure). Honestly, when I’m making my own adventures or side quests I sometimes wonder why I’m bothering to put a mountain of copper in – I like the verisimilitude but it seems like a waste of everyone’s time.

    @Yeoman – I think this spell still preserves that function. It is still difficult to get the loot out, this just gives PCs a way to manage resources that maximizes looting. Remember, this spell uses up the coveted 3rd level spell slot – that’s a fireball the party is sacrificing to get all the copper and silver they would normally leave behind.

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