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Dragon Tree Book Of The Dead IV — 2 Comments

  1. Having just read a science-fiction story where genengineered spiders are used to build/upshore a spinning habitat, this (fantasy-RPG) idea of them as natural adventurer-hunting architects is equally fascinating.

    Moreover, one could also extend it further to include quasi-masonic guilds, who’ve (through natural training or magical means) domesticated the beasts for the construction of conventional town dwellings; perhaps even an entire ‘frozen village’ — as layered webbing closely resembles the texture you’d see on the surface of, say, an ice rink. And just like their real-world counterparts, some of these community-minded bug handlers would be suspected of demonic Lolthy worship to protect commerce, or something…

    (Already doodling a module. Darn, where were all these cool campaign ideas decades ago?)

  2. I am definitely stealing the “spidertechts” for my next Post-Apocalypse game… a few mutations that distort the instinctive ocntrol, and you’ve got a great threat. Wish I’d thought of that (and by “rhought of”, I mean “stole and filed down the serial numbers” when I was writing Medic.)

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