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The Runes Of Doom, Part XI — 1 Comment

  1. That Calyandagg hair trick sounds like something tarantulas actually do, I think.

    I mean, not with the transformation and the maggotyness, but just with the hairs that get lodged in attackers.

    You know, there are a lot of great ideas here. The problem, I think, is that a lot of them are really steeped in a kind of specific old-school sensibility. You can update the idea of the Hell’s Key To Hell Which Opens The Way To Hell sword easily enough, but there’s a particular je ne sai qua to X-ray vision, Ego 18, and so on.

    This is actually a problem I’ve noticed with some of the Pathfinder adventure paths. The Kingmaker adventure path is a glorious recreation of Ye Olde Hex-Crawl And Ascend to Name-Level progression, but the old-school bits of it integrate very poorly with the more modern rule-based Pathfinder systems. Do you find it straightforward to port the glories of the past to a more modern gaming system?

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