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The Runes Of Doom, Part X — 3 Comments

  1. …I’m wondering about the viability of an ice dragon that breathes pure oxidizer. Pop a flaming arrow down its throat while it’s breathing, and then the arrow should go up like a rocket. And if you can get that flame to touch the actual dragon’s flesh while it’s breathing, then the dragon should start burning, too.

    A dry ice dragon that breathed CO2, but had no affinity for actual ice and could be slowed or paralyzed by dumping enough water on it, would be a more interesting monster.

    Huh again. So, if you’re playing in a universe where LOX is a thing and you have physics-breaking magic…can’t you brew your own? That is, can’t you set up a little refrigerating loop where you compress a gas, cast Ray of Frost on the compression chamber until it’s supercooled, then pour off fractionally-distilled air?

    • DM:It’s actually liquefied elemental air, which does not obey any of the rules of your “science”, even though there’s technos running around. 🙂

      These kinds of debates were pretty common in Ye Olde Dayse, as the people attracted to D&D tended to be (surprise!) science and engineering geeks. (A recent edition of White Wolf’s Mage actually had a paragraph or two about how scientific definitions of “matter” were not the same as magical definitions, so even if you could turn orange juice into gasoline (an actual example of how to use a particular spell of the Matter sphere), you couldn’t affect a living person’s flesh (or, for that matter, an orange on a tree), no matter that the same types of atoms were involved.)

      Redcloak, however, would likely approve of your strategy: http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0423.html

  2. Not gonna lie, I thought X was a mind-flayer because I didn’t read the entire descriptor for it. It still is Illithlid in nature.
    Also, X’s mind blast: “Save or die” Well, thats one way to die. Imagine a DM rolling on a encounter table, and getting X. And have the party consisting mostly of magic-users to face X at level 1 or something really low. Or who knows, DM might just make X a early boss because he wasn’t fed Chinese recently.
    DM: Thats what you get for not ordering Chinese!
    Player 1 (playing a rouge): I told you guys to give it to him!
    Player 2 (playing a wizard): B-but… My magic missiles…

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