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Arduin Grimoire, Part X — 1 Comment

  1. The story is that before RuneQuest existed, Greg Stafford had heard about this role playing game stuff (allegedly had the first commercial *copy* of original D&D due to a friend at the printer, but that’s a different story), and wanted an rpg set in his world of a Glorantha (then known as the setting of his White Bear and Red Moon board game), and Dave had been suggested as the guy to do it and Stafford asked him. Dave didn’t do much except make D&Dish/Arduin stats for some of Greg’s characters (printed in Wyrms Footnotes, the Chaosium house zine, later reprinted in the Wyems Footprints collection). It wasn’t what Greg was after, as he didn’t like D&D much, and Greg instead asked Steve Perrin and pals about their ideas, which ended up being RuneQuest. Dave then penned this bitchy comment about a bridge that only works for some people in response. At least, that’s the version I’ve heard – I haven’t heard it direct from Greg, but I’ve heard it from people who know Greg?

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