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All The World’s Monsters, Volume 1 Part 4 — 4 Comments

  1. Just a note:
    Clint Bigglestone was a correspondent of George RR’s in the early days of comics fandom, just as I was. That’s why Clint showed up in one of George’s stories.
    On the other hand, Clint was one of our regulars in my gaming circle in the early days of D&D. He frequently came up with exotic monsters. At least one was known as “It was big and fast and ate Fred.”
    Clint was also the founder of the DunDraCon convention which will be having its 46th iteration this coming Presidents Day weekend. Lamentably, Clint died suddenly in 1994. He is still missed.

    • I really should have known that, and I am deeply ashamed I did not. I mean, I read those books. What true Old School Gamer didn’t?

  2. Another tour de force. The key point is that as a teenager my default was “Is this monster awesome?”
    Never “will I look back in this in twenty years and be a bit embarrassed?”
    A bit like most of being a teenager, really…

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