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  1. WoW was actually innovative with its quests – as I recall EQ didn’t have any quests to speak of (you could deliver things for people, but nothing like the clean and integral implementation that WoW bought to the table).

    Your point still stands of course 🙂 I do wonder if the full price/full subscription fee is the right way to go though – LOTRO is a powerful counter argument.

    Love your stuff, keep it up! Particularly love all the Earth Delta stuff, great work.

    • Not sure if my software tells you a reply was posted to the thread in general, so, here’s a reply to your post to let you know I replied to your post in, erm, another reply. Sorry.

  2. Everquest had full and complex quests from the get-go….hence the name. There were plenty of “Kill 10 rats” quests and many long and complex quest chains which required significant work to locate and discover. A lot of people, though, didn’t bother — they just ran to a spawn point and camped it. I’ve heard many people say “EQ didn’t have quests” or the like, when what they really mean is “Wow, I never actually tried talking to the NPCs. You could DO that? Whoa.”

    Here’s one in particular I remember: http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/quest.html?quest=1497 . If you check the date — 2002 — you’ll see it was WELL before WoW came out, and while this was in an expansion, there were plenty of similar quests at the time EQ launched in the late 1990s.

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