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  2. Love the style and the atmosphere. The writing itself is a bit rough in places, but I would LOVE to see a longer version of this. Humor/horror is a surprisingly unexplored area, especially for short stories.

  3. Ahhh, Vanguard. I loved that game, despite the horrible launch, game-breaking bugs, and devastatingly bad support.

    Anyway, very good story. It’s very dot.hack-like, actually. I remember that I actually used to write pretty intricate stories and backgrounds for some of those random NPCs, just to throw people in my guild off. There’re a few that are actually still playing and still tell me that they can’t look at some of these NPCs the same way after I added some color to them.

  4. Its been a while since I’ve read something completely unlike anything I’ve ever read before. I really enjoyed this. I can absolutely imagine this story as a premise for a movie. I would totally watch it.

    • Aw, hell yeah. I remember trying to type “Hail” in EQ, not being in chat mode, so as soon as I hit ‘a’, it was ‘attack’, and I was talking to a city guard when I was first level…

  5. Excellent writing! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    I’d love to see this continued. Perhaps Jacob could end up going on his own quest, not triggering the automatic timer due to not being seen by the system as an official “hero,” thus allowing him to actually rescue his wife?

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Love it, I’d watch it, play it, read more. I need answers, does he kill the Gods? What if he can’t remember his wife because the gods took her or what if she is a God?
    Great story and I hope you continue with it!

  7. Holy shit, this was awesome!! Does the story has a continuation? I’d really love to read more of this!
    Do you have more stories like this? AAAAAAAAAAAA

  8. So…..Seriously is there a continuation of this somewhere? Did you make this into a book? If so I need this book in my life. This is a great concept and I need to know what happens after. Please let me know.

    • No, I think it’s complete as it is. I like open-endedness.[1]

      But I’d argue that the current “Westworld” on HBO is a de facto sequel. I wrote this originally back in… gods, I can’t even remember… before 2010, I’m sure. Now Westworld is exploring many of the same themes (in much more detail, of course) due to similar inspirations: What if the disposable NPCs we casually kill or ignore became aware of their role, aware they were made to be toys for our amusement… and could do something about it? I’m not claiming any kind of copying — given the same cultural inputs, many people will produce similar cultural outputs.

      [1]I loved the finale of “Angel” for that reason. Battered, bruised, and beaten, Our Heroes find themselves facing an army of enemies, monsters of all kinds. Outnumbered, they have no choice but to charge into battle… and cut. When it was continued in a comic, I was disappointed; to me, the ending was perfect as-was. Given the success of the comic, I was in a minority position there. 🙂

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