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Cyborg Commando 2.0 MOAR CAPS — 5 Comments

  1. I found your blog via a link to your rant on bug fixes (which, knowing half a million or 5 computer science students, I’m more than well aware how it rolls, but nonetheless, interesting post.). Saw you mention Ebon Hawk! If you see Spectre durping around on Republic side, give one of us a holler if you need somewhere to chill out (or throw alts into the pit of sacrifice). :O Tell ’em Aggy sent you, most everyone will know who you mean.

  2. See, in a game like Alma Matter, creepy Erol Otus pictures just seem funny, but the designers of CYBORG COMMANDO deciding that it was imperative to include a ‘Sex Related Crime’ skill in their game is so wrong (how does that fit in to fighting against alien invasion anyhow?) – perhaps almost as bad as having a skill list that’s just a string of numbers (I can’t imagine what a character sheet would look like).
    Also – I think I would pay money to see “synthesteel duraplas pseudopenis” as a CAPTCHA Code somewhere.

    • Well, the skill table, according to the book, “contains all possible human knowledge”, or words to that effect. The bulk of the skills don’t seem really relevant to the game’s theme, and the rules are so sparse, relative to the background fluff, that it’s not entirely clear how broad you can get. I mean, the setting is basically post-apocalyptic with aliens, but other than complex and useless formulae to determine the growth of communities from 1985 to 2035, and tedious recountings of the exact body counts of major battles, there’s not a lot of setting info, and what there is is bland and useless. Compare and contrast to Aftermath, which, despite rules that could send a fan of Advanced Squad Leader running for cover (though we played it, somehow, at 16), still has probably the best and most inspirational sections on running a post-apocalyptic game with any apocalypse you choose, and just enough samples and specifics to show you how to put the pieces together without it being pre-assembled for you.

  3. I have never believed Gygax to be a competent game designer. I catch all Hell for saying such but, from D&D to Dangerous Journeys, I never saw anything sensible or inspiring about anything he designed. Now I have to add CYBORG COMMANDO to my list of bad RPGs I want to add to my collection.

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