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Metascape, Part IV — 4 Comments

  1. You know, for a RPG from back in the bronze age of RPG (between DnD’s first release and some time before DnD 3e), this is complicated. And people say current DnD is complex! You ain’t seen complex till you look back at the older stuff like this.
    I often wonder how the hell we were patient enough for this stuff, but then I remember these were the days before smartphones. Lucky bastards.

    • Read my walkthrough of C&S. At some point, I’ll do Aftermath.

      One of the persistent myths of the modern age is that “old school” RPGs were simple (and by conscious design, not because they often were limited to relatively short rulebooks by pure economics). I do my best to disabuse people of that notion. In many cases, especially D&D, people like to claim there were no rules to govern many actions… but there actually WERE, they were just so lousy that people ignored them.

  2. I bought this box set on clearance at my local gaming store around 1995 or so and it’s been one of the weirdest items in my RPG collection ever since. Never ran it or even made a character, so your blog posts have been as educational as they are entertaining.

    I mean…I guess I can see what he’s trying to do with the rules…? But it seems like he still needs to read up a bit on bell curves and dice probabilities.

    Nonetheless: this game exists in my collection as a reminder that it’s easy to overdo it. 🙂

  3. As some who played consistently for 3 or 4 years in the 90s. The game mechanics make for a fast paced (something we found lacking in the D&D edition at the time) and easy to choregraph combat . With lots of depth in the setting for Roleplaying.

    Don’t knock it till you play at least 1 adventure.

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