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  1. Yeah, I remember seeing this game at conventions in the 90s and it really piqued my interest. I even had a poster from it of some cool 4 armed insect power armor on my wall… but I never actually owned or played the game (I must have been given the poster as a freebie and I really dug the picture).

    Thanks for saving me from the fart table.

    • “Protecting You From Flatulence Rules Since 2010”. A great motto for this site.

      While I want to hold off on a final judgment until I’ve worked all the way through chargen, and most of complaints are exaggerated for comic effect, it seems like Battlelords has a bit of schizophrenia. You’ve got a lot of ultra space opera tropes — high tech melee weapons, magic-level psionic powers, all kinds of weird aliens, an insanely large setting — and then you’ve got this secondary vibe that is so very 90s, that’s all Cyberpunk and Frank Miller and “We’re grim and gritty and this is a harsh and lethal world where life is cheap and death is easy and we all have three days worth of stubble, even the women”. It’s certainly possible to have both of those in the same setting, but it isn’t working for me, here, and writing this, I think I know why… the game tries to make a large setting, small. If you want this kind of setting, lose the idea anyone knows, or cares, about these mercenary teams besides the people on them, the minor corporate flunky who hired them, and the people who are being shot by them. There’s a million tiny wars on a million worlds at any time, and that still doesn’t impact the majority of the galactic population. No matter how many people you kill for the Company, you’ll never be more than a small part of a small expense on the ten thousandth page of just one subdivision’s quarterly balance sheet. The universe is incredibly vast and incredibly uncaring, and even the extermination of an entire world is rarely noticed when there are tens of millions more where that one came from.

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