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  1. I had a similar experience when I sent a bunch of minion allies down a spooky catacomb with my players – one survived, so he graduated to proper NPC hood. A family man, god-fearing, no great ambition but good with a bow (town guard stats, IIRC). A few sessions later we needed an extra PC so one of them became him, rolling him up as a ranger a few levels below the party average.

    I did the reverse trick when the party laid an elaborate (and beautifully executed) scheme to kidnap a high priest of the evil cult tm and he turned out to be a minion… The looks on their faces.

  2. Gods, it’s annoying that I’m not being emailed when people post comments… I’m supposed to be. How else can I try to keep the site active? Anyway, I like the “High Priest=Minion” idea. Always seemed to me that a CLEVER high priest would put the fancy robes on Cultist 182 and then hide among the rest of them doing the REAL chanting while they just mumbled gibberish to confuse the PCs. πŸ™‚

  3. I agree about WOTC’s current focus and it’s too bad. They should instead be focusing on those things that computers don’t do well, like Heinrich (this is one of the reasons I stopped going to Encounters on Wednesdays – depending on the DM it could really feel like a video game sometimes).

    My Heinrich moment happened with Harry and Dirk (hey we were in highschool), the only sailors to survive three expeditions in our spelljamming ship. Our party became paranoid that they would die and went to great lengths to keep them alive (the rest of the crew we thought of as completely expendable – and thinking back, I’m surprised they didn’t mutiny… I guess Harry and Dirk put in a good word).

    • The life of a redshirt is never easy. πŸ™‚ I keep thinking of “Galaxy Quest”, where Guy fears death until he’s convinced he’s the “Plucky Comic Relief”.

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