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How Do You Handle A Problem Like A Death Star? — 6 Comments

  1. Go with what it does: “Planet Killer”
    If you need to be more descriptive (because some planet killers might not be so massive) add “Planetoid-sized Planet Killer”
    And/Or add “Manufactured” to indicate that it’s not a natural formation.

    But personally I’d just call it a Planet Killer and be done.

  2. One of the tricks to creating something memorable is to avoid using a descriptive name. (For example, the Millennium Falcon has really nothing to do with either 1000-year time keeping units or flying birds of prey.)

    I think the Halo series did a great job with this in the names for the human warships: Pillar of Autumn, Forward Unto Dawn, etc.

  3. Murder Moon sounds awesome – but you’re right, maybe not for a space opera game (though it would be a sweet place to have adventures with the Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four… this issue, Murder Moon vs. Ego, ’nuff said).
    I only came up with two names: “Imperial Void-Moon” (if it’s a class of warship) and “The Thanosphere” (if its a unique battle station).

    • I think I’m going to end up with Planet Killer because it has a sort of clear directness that fits the late 70s/early 80s vibe I’m going for… I like both of your other ideas, though, esp. Thanosphere, and I have to come up with a use for that latter one….

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