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Underdwellers, Part II

Not too much to add by way of introduction, here. A few general notes on using these monsters: If the idea of a relatively passive race of corpse-eating monstrosities isn’t interesting enough, one nice variant is to alter them from a "natural", albeit degenerate, race into one which propogates itself by stealing babies and feeding them rotting human flesh while performing grotesque and corrupting rites. Some corrupt city officials may well have made deals with these beasts, providing them a steady stream of "offerings" drawn from the wretched refuse of the city, in exchange for which, the children of the powerful are never taken. Alternatively, or additionally, the Underdwellers may be much more interested in "fresh" meat than the default I’ve provided; they may well regularly sneak up to the surface to have a snack.

Anyway, today we mostly look at more powerful members of the clan: The Cryptguard, which guards the home territories of the Underdwellers, and the Gravepriest, the master of secret magics. Both can be found here..



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