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The Poisons Of Corazain

Corazain Of The Seven Gates is one of the eldest cities on Karathakos, capitol of Caranail when it spanned the continent, still capitol now that that empire has shriveled like a miser’s heart. It is a dark and twisted place, where the streets of the city and the souls of the citizens are equally narrow and bent. With access to trade goods flowing from the lifeweavers of Glimdrang, the pirates of Tork, and the strange jungles of Vashail, there’s no shortage of interesting and exotic raw materials… and that means interesting and exotic poisons.

Powdered Flatshell

Flatshells are fairly rare these days, mostly dwelling in small inland lakes far to the north. The right species, though, can be harvested, and the shells powdered to form a very useful toxin. A translucent grey in color, with an odd shimmer in moonlight, powdered flatshell is a favorite among those who wish to leave no doubt that the victim did not die of natural causes. When consumed, it quickly causes violent convulsions, excruciating pain, and agonizing death.

Level 15 Poison 6250 GP

Attack: +18 vs. Fortitude; target takes 5 ongoing poison damage and is slowed (save ends).

First Failed Save: Ongoing damage increases to 10, and target is immobilized and dazed (save ends).

Second Failed Save: Ongoing damage increases to 15, and target is stunned (save ends).

Aftereffect: Target is at -2 to all defenses (save ends).


Lavender Mist

Fairly unusual in the poisoner’s toolbox, Lavender Mist is stored as a thin, pale pink, liquid. It is usually used by allowing it to soak into wood or parchment which will later be burned. Upon exposure to flame, the poison becomes a roiling cloud, lavender in hue. This cloud will affect all within a close burst 5 of the source. The mist is potent for only a round, so it is most often used to weaken a group before assassins lunge in to finish off the kill.

Level 5 Poison 250 GP

Attack: +8 vs. Fortitude; 10 poison damage (not ongoing) and weakened (save ends)


Droplets Of Midnight

Used more as a punishment and a warning than as a tool of murder, this poison is harvested from the larvae of the great dragonflies of Glimdrang, and is a deep blue liquid. It can be administered through food, drink, or a blade.

Level 10 Poison 1250 gp

Attack: +13 vs. Fortitude; all enemies have concealment against the target and target is at -2 to all Perception checks (save ends).

First Failed Save: All opponents have total concealment against the target and target is at -5 to all Perception checks (save ends). 

Second Failed Save: The target is blinded (No Save). A Remove Affliction ritual will cure this.




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