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Insectile Grafts

Far north of the remnant empire lies the land of Glamdring, a place ruled by strange mages which have delved into the ancient and now not so lost lifeweaving arts of the Ch’ak, While many of their secrets are kept to themselves, some few things have made their way south, where they are possessions both treasured and feared. A man may see with the eyes of a fly, tear at an enemy’s flesh with the jaws of a beetle, or grow a shimmering, hard, shell — but at what cost? Read on!

Grafts Of Glamdring

As with other grafts, these are mostly recommended to "spice up" NPCs and monsters. If players wish to use them, apply the modifers listed in the published rules (namely, Open Grave, p 51), or consider some of these options:

Must consume twice as much food each day (-4 to Survival checks to find food in the wilderness.)

Must drink blood to survive — it can be animal blood, but it will still cause serious problems if found out.

-2 to Will defense.

Total healing surges reduced by 1 per graft.

Movement reduced by 1.

-5 to Perception checks.

-5 to Stealth checks.


The lifeweavers of Glimdrang have learned to fuse arthropods and other creatures, creating strange, living, items which grow, painfully, into their host and become part of their body. The only way to remove the graft is to destroy it, a process which requires dealing damage to the possesor equal to his Bloodied value (all this damage must be done solely with the intent of destroying the graft, it doesn’t happen from general combat). Once the graft is removed, the former graftee loses all but one healing surge, going up to half his total after his first extended rest and his full total after his second.

All of the following grafts may be applied to any living Humanoid, Beast, or Magical Beast. Other prerequisites are noted.


Thousand-Mirror Eyes

Vast, bulbous eyes fragmented into a thousand compound lenses, these hideous orbs must be placed over the host’s own eyes, which they grow into in a particularly painful manner.

Vulnerable: 5 Radiant


+5  to passive Perception

See Every Foe (minor, 1/round, at-will): The host cannot be flanked until the beginning of his next turn.


Carapace of Jewels

Prerequisite: 5th level

This graft resembles plates of hard shell, which is what it is. Placing it over exposed flesh will cause it to merge with the host, providing a powerful defense against mundane attacks but hindering movement.

Resist: 5 Weapon, Fire, Cold, Sonic, Acid

Reflex -2

Concentrated Defense (minor; encounter)

The host gains a +4 to AC until the end of his next turn.


Jaws Of The Razor Crescent

Prerequisite: 11th level.

Great mandibles are emplaced in the host’s mouth, giving him a vicious bite attack. Sure, he’s a lot harder to understand now, but he probably didn’t have much to say, anyway.

-2 to all Diplomacy and Bluff checks

(Basic Melee) Beetle’s Bite (Standard, at-will)

Level+5 vs. AC; 3d6+Str modifier damge

Bloody Bite (Standard, encounter)

Level +5 vs. AC; 3d10+Str modifier damage and ongoing damage 5, save ends.


Grasp Of The Web

The host’s hands and feet are covered with small, barnacle-like grafts which produce a sticky substance, allowing him to cling to walls and ceilings as easily as most cling to floors. Just don’t shake hands…

Climb 5

Speed -1

In addition, anyone the host grabs suffers a -2 to escape; however, the host is at a -2 to escape when he is grabbed.


Venomous Spear

Prerequisite: 11th level

A five foot long black and violet scorpion’s tail is added to the host’s spine. This ever-lashing, venom-dripping appendage certainly has utility in combat, but it tends to cause problems in social gatherings and makes it very difficult to find appropriate pants.

Resist: 5 Poison

Vulnerable:  5 cold

-2 AC

-5 Diplomacy, Streetwise

Impaling Sting (Standard; encounter) Poison

Attack Level +5 vs. AC, 4d8+Str modifier damage and ongoing 5 poison (save ends)



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