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Five Layers, Five Days

There’s no denying I’ve been a bit slack over the past few weeks, often taking 2-3 weeks to do what should be one week of articles. I blame the rise of paying work. Nonetheless, I am somewhat determined to try to get back on track, and so I am going to return once more to the Abyss, with the intent of producing five layers in five days. As I write this, I do not have in mind any particular theme or focus, or even an idea what the first layer will be, never mind all five, but, here goes. This page, filed oddly under Breakfast Crunch, will be update with a link to each layer as it is written; the layers themselves will be under Abyss Project, as they ought to be.

Monday’s Layer: 018 Nugraal’s Arena

Tuesday’s Layer: 019 The Flaying Tempest

Wendesday’s Layer: 020 The Clockwork Hive

Thursday’s (Late) Layer: 021 The Midnight Depths

Friday’s (Ridiculously Late) Layer: 022 The Plains Of Iron


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