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The Runes Of Doom, Part VII — 3 Comments

  1. Hi,

    Sorry for posting this here, but I couldn’t find contact details for you. Feel free to delete my post after reading.

    I just put out an ebook, called ‘Ideas and Inspiration for Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers’. It’s a collection of articles which could inspire ideas, rather than writing techniques. For example, there are articles on Nazi UFOs and disembodied but living heads.

    It’s intended for both fiction and role-playing. Since you’ve done both, I thought you might be interested in reviewing it.

    If so, please contact me and I’ll send you a copy. Please let me know your preferred format (epub, mobi, doc, or pdf).


  2. Hmm. I can actually think of a bunch of uses for the Heavy Helper. Presumably it will start crumbling immediately, but it sounds like a really good corridor-blocker.

    If you can get onto an enemy’s vehicle, you can stop it or sink it with a few castings.

    You can use it as fill for architecture when casting Wall of Stone.

    At low levels, if you needed to take a horse up a sheer cliff, you could climb it yourself, set up a pulley system with one end of the rope tied to the horse, improvise a very large bag, cast Heavy Helper, and then elevator the horse up the cliff.

    Are there falling object rules in Arduin? Because if so, and if you can find a way to keep a cube of sand together mid-fall, then that is over a hundred thousand pounds of falling object for a low-level spell slot.

    • Yup, all good uses. It’s the type of spell that encourages creative thinking (read: arguments with the DM).

      I’m not sure if there’s falling object rules buried somewhere or not. That’s one of those odd categories a lot of games leave out, despite it being relatively common. Rules for damage from falling, virtually all games have those, but for having something dropped on you, not so much.

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