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A Not-So-Brief Digression: PrinceCon 3, Part IV — 7 Comments

  1. Hey there.

    You do have non-imaginary readers. I think I’m one…

    I love this stuff. It reminds me of looking through my own ancient hand-written notebooks; the unbridled unbalanced raw imagination falling out of them…

    Like Arduin, most of it is daft and useless. But sometimes it’s so off-the-wall and throwaway that the unspoken underlying assumptions of a single sentence can inspire a whole campaign of material.

    I also remember arguing about how many Wishes you needed for some game-unbalancing trick. For example, getting a magic weapon above +5. This is how my Dwarven Lord ended up with a +8 Two-Handed Sword. Yeah, I know. I was 12 years old.

    Keep it up. This blog is an excellent nostalgia-fest.

    • Somehow, I totally missed this comment when you made it.This is unusual, as I average about one non-spam comment a month and usually notice them when they occur…

  2. If you’re still looking for old stuff to review, you should take a look at “Rules For The Game of Dungeon”, a 1974 parallel-evolution version of D&D with a descending level system, Wizards using “balls” to throw spells, and a list of stuff PCs can buy to bribe monsters (cottage cheese, cans of garbage, dog yummies, Ragu sauce and elephant joke books, among others). Priests have to sacrifice their sons to the Great Spider, while their daughters can come on dungeon crawls but aren’t allowed to do anything (otherwise they have to be babysat at The General Store). Priests can also arm themselves with brass knuckles and bicycle chains! It’s a short (25 pages or so) book, and there’s a download for it over at Jon Peterson’s blog: http://playingattheworld.blogspot.com/2014/08/1974-dungeon-variant-now-for-download.html

  3. The past PrinceCon handbooks are all posted at the PrinceCon website.
    I suggest you look at the handbok for PrinceCon 6, which contains a much expended list of magical items, created by myself Howard Mahler, Stephen Tihor and David Parker.

    • Sorry to take two days to approve, I get so few actual comments I rarely check to see what’s in the queue!

      Thanks for the suggestion. I will check it out!

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