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Lizard Is Author GOH At Conglomeration — 2 Comments

  1. Ian,

    How can you be so goddam cruel in your assessment with Erol’s monster and spell books? Sure it’s silly and wacky, but it’s a lot of fun too. Even more important, they were made in the wee early days of OD&D when people were still discovering what you can do with RPG’s and how far you could push D&D.

    Anyway, I’m not writing to you to gripe, but to let you know if you want to sell that stuff. I mean , if you HATE it that much , why even keep it? That’s like me owning a Justin Beliber album. Let me know.



    • Cruel?

      Dude, I love Booty/Necronomican. I’ve been carting them around since high school. They represent, to me, 100% pure undiluted awesomeoness that defines “old school gaming”. I also love Star Rovers — read my review/walkthru of it.

      You want to see cruel, read my review/walkthru of Cyborg Commando. There’s a difference between “affectionate mockery” and “cruel mockery”.

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