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Earth AD — Alpha Edition 1.2!

No, you didn’t miss Alpha 1.1. That was the "internal release" where I changed the name. 🙂

This release is 66% larger than the prior release, jumping from 30,000 to 50,000 words, and at least some of those words aren’t contained in overly long, overly repetitive rants about game design or redundant over-explaining of concepts and rules. Some of them. I wouldn’t say most of them, but some of them.

Full details on what’s added after the break.

Here’s What’s New!

  • A bunch of pointless font and style changes. I know worrying about format before content is the worst and stupidest mistake people make in design, but there’s a psychological factor for me — the more what I’m working on looks like a "real game" and the less it looks like something I wrote on my old electric typewriter back in High School, the more motivated I am to keep working. I am perfectly aware of the illogic of this. Let me share with you an aphorism I recently created: Understanding gravity doesn’t keep you from falling.
  • Added the Polymorphic Bloodline.
  • Added more equipment.
  • Added more monsters, and most importantly, started on Cataclysm Cults, those rather cryptic gatherings, groups, and alliances who play an important role in Earth Delta!
  • Vehicles!
  • A new rogue build and powers ideal for scurrying through the mutant-haunted ruins of a once-proud civilization.
  • Probably a whole lot of additions, subtractions, modifications, clarifications, and deletions.
  • Started a Design Rants appendix. This is where things that aren’t notes about specific rules end up going.
  • Mutant plants!
  • Gun damage seriously nerfed. What it boils down to is, I want guns to be used as the [W] in existing ranged powers, and starting with something that does 2d8 and then getting 3, 4, or more [W] with that just breaks the game. Guns have a number of small advantages, such as multiple shots before reloading, range, and some feats to increase their utility, but the gods of game balance and compatibility means they have to be close to existing ranged weapons. Balancing solely by expecting the DM to keep ammo rare breaks one of my cardinal rules — saying "The rules aren’t broken if the DM can fix them on the fly" is not acceptable game design. This is still an alpha, so expect more flux.
  • Began work on new Ranger (Survivalist) build.


Click the glowing radiation symbol! (But you’ll get the file for Earth Delta 1.3, which is the latest one!)


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