Metamorphosis Alpha

I started working on this (as one of many skilled contributors) a long, long, time ago… it’s gone through a lot of changes (as is fitting, I suppose), and it’s finally here!

2 thoughts on “Metamorphosis Alpha

  1. Pere Ubu

    Stuff like this leaves me conflicted – I’m so glad to see a new edition of MA, but I worry that the things that made me excited back in the day (bearoids, sword bushes, protein disruptors, those ship level maps) got “fixed”, i.e. dropped down the memory hole.

    1. Lizard Post author

      I contributed to the development of the new MA, and all of us wanted to be very sure we kept everything that made MA great. Just checked the new edition — sword bushes and bearoids are both there. Ditto protein disruptors.


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