A test

Trying to see if comments all go to the first post, or to a specific post.

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  1. Lizard says:


  2. Also I just noticed that, if you click on one of the categories, all of the ‘continue reading’s go to the first article in the list.

  3. PS However if I go to a specific post, eg http://mrlizard.com/rants/rabbis-rules-lawyers/ the comment form sends the comment to that post.

    So the problem seems to be any situation where you have a list of posts.

    • Lizard says:

      Yeah, and googling “WordPress comments bugs” gets me nearly as many hits as googling “free porn” would. I’m going to need to take time to document the issue and post a query in an appropriate forum. And I have just *oodles* of free time right now. (PS: That last bit was sarcasm. I normally wouldn’t need to call it out, but I’ve noticed a serious decline in the quality of people’s sarcasm detectors lately.)

  4. Lizard says:

    Looks like it may have been the “add a footer” plugin. I will need to find another one, since I need the RPGBloggers link added automagically to the bottom.

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