Rabbis & Rules Lawyers

I just realized something. My love of complex rules systems may be due to my ethnic heritage. My ancestors, denied most opportunities to participate in academia, but from a culture which valued knowledge and learning, spent most of their time poring over immense tomes written by many people over centuries, arguing and debating the various things contained within, and, if they found any situation ambiguous or unclear, would debate until they made up a specific law to cover it. When I am at a table, surrounded by my fellow gamers, all of us with books open to different pages, each of us reading paragraphs to each other and debating which supersedes what, I am spiritually drawn back across the centuries to some Eastern European ghetto, where my forefathers did the same with books of religious, rather than gaming, lore. Latkes instead of Cheetohs, but still dressed mostly in black, with a tendency towards beards.

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