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  1. Love the spider queen’s caress. It’s the kind of item that in either PC or NPC hands makes for a great tension filled build-up to an encounter. If you watch Breaking Bad at all, they had a very dramatic poisoning on last week’s episode that was a perfect example of how this kind of thing might play out (a little bit different since the poison directly killed people – but I kind of like this better since its less obvious).

    The oil of eternal silence reminded me of one of my players who a few years back was obsessed with collecting heads so he could cast speak with dead on them at a later time. I just started making NPCs they met in their travels adopt the same behaviour – and described it in graphic and gory terms. He was absolutely shocked by the behaviour until another player pointed out that it was the exact same thing as he did. After that he was a lot less keen on his head collection.

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